The Way Real Estate Should be...

Liberty Properties and Associates is owned by American Choice Realty Inc. in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We currently have about 70 Realtors at this time and 13 branch offices across Arizona.





Our fees are $124 per month per agent, and $104 per transaction side. Example, if you list and sell the transaction it would be 2 X $104 at time of closing. Agents all pay the same, and should any agent wish to own their own office, this will still be the same fee to us for each agent except there is an office fee to ADRE. If you should hire agents, they will pay the $124 per month to us and you may split their commission anyway you wish with your agent according to your branch rules.

We encourage offices to open up and for those offices to hire agents according to their own growth plans. We do seriously recommend that agents that you bring on are experienced, unless you have the time or a program to train them.

As for contracts and paperwork, once an agent is interested in being hired, we will allocate them to an office, unless they want their own or have a preferred office to work from. All paperwork is either faxed or emailed to our head office where it is entered into Sureclose. At the closing of the file we instruct escrow to pay us the $104, and the balance to the Realtor. If your paperwork is deemed deficient, you will be notified and your commission will come to the head office and we will disperse your money to you, once we have all the paperwork according to ADRE.

Our motto is “The Way Real Estate Should Be.” Liberty Properties strives to maintain excellent service while providing our realtors with a safe and honest place to work .We try to ensure the highest success and services possible.

Our Broker is Eddie Marino, who is just a phone call or email away. He will be able to answer any question you might have. Eddie's main priority at Liberty is to help our Realtors.

Thank you for considering us and we hope you will join our fine company.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the head office in Lake Havasu City, Arizona at (928) 854-8770 or Eddie Marino our broker at (928) 716-1978



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the main office in Yuma, Arizona at:

(928) 716-1978